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Does My Toddler Need Glasses?

By admin / Mar 05, 2019

When a young child is sick, there are usually symptoms like a runny nose, fever, or cough.  Vis..

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Eyes & Optics exhibits and sponsors the OHR NAAVAs MRKT Event

By admin / Feb 15, 2019

Today, would be the last day  OHR NAAVA’s MRKT Event, which helps to improve the liv..

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MAYBACH Love of Details and Precise Handcrafting

By admin / Feb 14, 2019

Handcrafting MAYBACH Eyewear: MAYBACH makes the frame by hand in their very own workshop in Germany...

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Sports Eye Protection Guide for Parents and Coaches of Young Athletes

By admin / Jan 18, 2019

Avoid the sidelines; add eye protection Here are some tips from Eyes & Optics on how you can tak..

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