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Eyes & Optics exhibits and sponsors the OHR NAAVAs MRKT Event

Today, would be the last day  OHR NAAVA’s MRKT Event, which helps to improve the lives of girls and women, is one of the ways we give back to the community. Our goal is to provide quality eye care for all ages through “education, technology, and excellent service.” Eyes & Optics’ physicians regularly go beyond the standard eye exam. Our wide range of experience covers several common eye problems, such as eye twitching, floaters, cataracts, and uveitis. We accept over fifty types of insurance from five major providers including Medicaid.

Designer Glasses with a Personal Touch

Our opticians are dedicated to helping patients find glasses that will help them not only see clearly, but look and feel confident. To that end, we sell several designer brands including Marc Jacobs, Cartier, Prada, and Ray-Ban. The opticians at Eyes and Optics regularly help patients select glasses based on their facial features and shapes. For example, we recommend glasses that sit low on the face for someone with a long nose. Someone with a heart-shaped face should consider glasses that broaden the chin without drawing attention to forehead width. Our OHR NAAVA exhibit contains myriad spectacles for all face shapes, prescription needs, and style preferences. By providing upscale shopping that helps girls and women, Brooklyn MRKT couples fun with support for the community.